Razer Game Booster

Program makes Windows PC gaming experience smoother and more reactive through hard drive optimization

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    Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Game Booster is a Windows application that claims to improve performance while running resource-heavy video games. While it certainly is not a replacement for an actual hardware upgrade, it does a decent job of living up to its claims. This easy to use software can help get the most out of an older computer's hardware.

Games are notorious for pushing a computer to its limits. Depending on one's computer hardware, a pleasurable gaming session can turn into a frustrating nightmare. While anyone running games could benefit from Game Booster, users with sub-par hardware, such as a laptop or an older desktop, will see the most difference when using this software.

The most important feature to understand about Game Booster is that it is designed to free up system resources so that they are available for a game that is running. While Game Booster allows the user to manually make adjustments, much of the work is already done with their automatic boost feature. The software automatically disables a pre-selected list of non-essential Windows services, such as: task scheduler, print spooler, visual themes, and many more.

By disabling these, more RAM and CPU cycles are free for running a game. This is important for getting the most out of a computer's hardware. While almost everything Game Booster does could be done manually, the software adds value by automating the process. It will automatically enable Game Boost mode when a game is opened. When you close the game, the software will automatically re-enable the services.

While this application is marketed as a boost for games, it would technically be applicable in any situation that requires a lot of system resources. This software essentially frees up resources for any reason at all. This certainly makes the software a better value for users that apply it beyond games. Finally, the user interface is very easy to figure out and understand. Once you install the software, it really is as easy as a click of a button to get started.


  • Actually frees up RAM as advertised.
  • Much of it is automated, with a very small learning curve involved.
  • Frees up RAM and CPU cycles for games and for any other resource-intensive application.


  • Can only do so much to speed up games. It mostly helps with CPU and RAM bottlenecks. If your video card is long in the tooth, this may not help.
  • No way to customize the list of automated process disabling.

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